Tyrannosaurus rex’s Right to Bare Arms

  • Why did T-rex have such relatively small, and seemingly useless arms?  They were about the length of a man’s arms, though much more muscular.
  • Here is my theory:  It was NOT due to Evolution from a dinosaur with longer arms or even front legs (more missing links).  Rather it was due to a disproportional growth rate between front and rear limbs. 
  • As a hatchling, [1] it could use 4 legs to clamber over obstacles and terrain and thru undergrowth and [2] the parents would have probably brought pieces (bites) of meat to the nest.  Raw flesh is tough and front legs would have helped to brace the hunk of meat in order to tear off a baby size bite (ah cute, huh?).
  • When grown to the size of a Raptor, it seems like T-rex would have been helpless against an aggressive Raptor, at a kill for instance.
  • Judging from the size of adult arms, the arms would have stopped growing all together once T-rex grew a little larger than a Raptor.
  • After cessation of growth, the arms would still aid in taking down prey ( or stripping a carcass if he lived of the kills of other predators)
  • As T-rex grew to significant bulk, the arms became less and less significant.  The adult could rip off raw flesh with a shift of body weight.
  • So, pictures of adult and baby both with diminished arms are wrong, heart warning but wrong.
  • An observation by Robert Dean Burlison II

About bison2

USAF Branch Honor Student, maintenance of comm. systems including those to send the Codes to B-52s (nuclear), Base Honor Guard, after military telephone circuit card analyst, ATM field rep., F-16 tech writer, Sandia Lab subcontract - perimeter security system, author of Google eBook "The Gravity Connection". I had an intel. property dispute with Argonne Lab, very suspicious like Area 51. Jimmy Carter I think did something in my case. Only one device came of my book and keywords are masked where I talk about it in final pages. Check out the 2 short movie trailers at... http://gravitycontrol.org/contact.html/ for idea of what I hope my device can do.
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